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A designer luminaire doesn't automatically create nice lighting Katja, the shortening of the days in autumn is a problem for a lot of people. It's depressing to have to turn on the light in the early afternoon. Why is this so annoying? more (.pdf)
Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung 12/2013

Showing up in a bad light. LEDs in Hotels.LED technology is capturing more and more areas in the hotel business. In existing buildings LED-Retrofits replace the old lamps and are supposed to save energy. more (.pdf)
hotelbau Fachzeitschrift für Hotelimmobilien 11/2013

A lot is being built in Davos in these Times. On project seems outstanding. The InterContinental® Davos. With the Team from Licht 01 Katja Winkelmann has developed and implemented the lighting Design. In the Interview she speaks about the challenges in this project. more (.pdf) luxlumina 5/2013

Burned out–the end of the light bulb.The 45 minute documentary by Alexandra Pfeil  illuminates the nonsense of the EUP regulation and the associated senseless recommendation of so-called energy-saving bulbs. Environmental hazards, disposal problems and political backgrounds are shown.
ZDF Zoom 08/2012

Experts for special effects
They don’t paint, they don’t lay bricks but still they transform – lighting designers make rooms large and bright without moving a wall. 
more (.pdf)
Spiegel Online  07/2011

Efficient illumination. Will LEDs replace thermal radiators? If the energy requirement of a building is to be reduced, lighting technology also plays a role. more (.pdf)
Metamorphose 01/2011 Bauen im Bestand, Konradin Medien

Licht 01 Lichtplanung
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